About Me

Hi! I'm TheCrafters001! I'm a hobbyist programmer and game developer. I am mainly known for being the developer on my fan game, Pokémon Delta Green. But I have also worked on some other things, such as Easy Butler, Game Updater, Flash Player 2, and others. Most of the software I build is built using Visual Basic with the .NET Framework. While most of my games are made using RPG Maker. I have tried other Game Engines, such as Unity or Unreal Engine. But personally I think RPG Maker is the best. But that is just me. I just like making things for fun and the experience. Feel free to look around and try out my stuff. It is all free and Open Source!

Game Engines I Use

RPG Maker 2003, RPG Maker XP, RPG Maker MV. In the case of Robo Invaders, it is

No 3D games?

I really don't want to learn how to use 3D models, while yes, most of the stuff these days are 3D, I personally like 2D.

What are my Favorite Games?

  1. Pokémon

  2. Skyrim

  3. Plague Inc: Evolved

  4. Portal 2

  5. Team Fortress 2

  6. BeamNG.Drive

  7. 911 Operator

What Do I use To Build Software?

Visual Studio. It is built by Microsoft. You can get it here: http://visualstudio.com/

What other software do I use?

In no order:

  • Notepad ++

  • 7-Zip

  • Visual Studio

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Inno Setup

  • Inno Script Studio

  • InstallForge

Is any of my software closed-source?

Short answer: No

Long answer: Almost 100% is Open-Source. They are all are using GNU GPL V3.0. But that is just what I like. While the software does come with a license, I am not responsible for any damages made to your PC. All my software is virus free, and safe to use. DO NOT DOWNLOAD MY SOFTWARE FROM SOURCES YOU DO NOT TRUST.

What sources are trusted?

Itch.IO, GameJolt, and GitHub. These are the services I use for distribution.

Do I accept Friend Request?


Where do I got to contact you?

Go to the Contact Me page.