The Arcane Town of Tidon

You play as Baton. He wants to see the outside world outside of Tidon. For all his life he has been alone. His father died a dew years before he was born, and his mother passed away a five years after he was born. Be managed to survive 13 years off of the little food he had, and managed to secure himself a house in Tidon. On his 18th birthday, he put in a request to speak to the king, King Paliace, to ask if he could leave to go and see the world. 3 days later, his request was accepted. Little did he know, he was a part of a much bigger picture.

BATON: You play as him! His backstory is in the story section above.

LIMA: She was cursed to be one with cat-folk. She would rather not talk about it. She is also a mage. Her most trusted weapon is here Magic Staff that she keeps with her at all times.

ZAZOLPH: He is the one (and only) trusted person by the king. Though, the guards don't trust him. He has been friends with King Paliace ever since they were only children.

KING PALIACE: He is the true ruler of Tidon. He knows when people leave, he knows when people enter. He always knows...